Know How to Convert MP4 to AVI MAC and Enjoy the Music & Videos in Any Device

Before started to know about the conversion of MP4 files to AVI files we should know what MP4 is and what AVI is.

MP4 is a container format application which helps to combine and form different multimedia streams into one file. Because of this effective and easy change of file formats, the MP4 is widely used by the people throughout the world. Even the apple company applied this MP4 in their iPod and iPhones.

AVI is nothing but the Audio Video Interleave, which is also a multimedia container format. This was introduced by Microsoft as a part of its video technology. These AVI files contain both audio as well as video data in a folder which synchronizes the audio with video playback.

Why we need to convert mp4 to avi mac?

The MP4 is the universally acclaimed and highly used format for the storage of audio and video files. Many popular companies using this MP4 format for their devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, etc. This is the preferable storage method because of its less file space. But the MP4 is not suiting with all devices and not compatible for all types of players. Therefore for the audio and video to play in certain devices and players, the MP4 files have to be changed into AVI for proper functioning.

How to convert mp4 to avi mac?

To convert mp4 to avi mac files is very simple if you are following the below mentioned steps.

Step 1:

For converting MP4 to AVI a video converter programme is necessary. Hence download video converter software. After downloading the software, install it and click the ADD button provided in the software to add the specified video which you need to convert.


Go to the drop down list and select the output format which you want.

Step 3:

Set the output folder where the converted file has to be saved. For that click the BROWSE button in the panel to select the destination folder among the various folders that opens, and click OK.

Step 4:

Once the above steps were completed, then click START button in the main box, to start converting the files. Now the file will be converting which you can even see in the progress bar.

Thus by following the above mentioned steps one can easily convert the MP4 files into AVI files for hearing and watching their own favorite songs and videos. To know more visit here.