If you jailbreak iPhone 4, you are allowed to effectively utilize the full capabilities of your iPhone 4 without being restricted by the constraints put up by the manufacturer on the iOS operating system. The user gets to read or write the operating systems file on the smart phone, which are otherwise locked.

This lets you to access or download other applications, not allowed by the manufacturer officially. Many users have resorted to jailbreaking since they were not convinced by the rejection of other third party applications by Apple and would like to install applications such as Google Voice. Also users have the flexibility to select any carrier of their choice.

Of course, you also have the option of using the usual functions, supported by the manufacturer. As per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it is legal if you jailbreak iPhone 4. However, the manufacturer, Apple is against it and states that jailbreaking the device would impact the warranty offered. Once you are able to jailbreak iPhone 4, then you can customise your applications, chat with your colleagues and friends and be sure of accessing the 3G internet services from your preferred mobile service provider. You can make use of your smart phone to grow your business. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can also remove the carrier restrictions imposed on your smart phone.

How to jailbreak iPhone 4

There are several tools available to jailbreak iPhone 4. They provide easy, step-by-step instructions to be followed, accompanied by user-friendly screenshots. JailbreakMe 3.0 allows you to jailbreak iPhone 4 without the need for a personal computer. It also supports remote jailbreaking over the internet.  There is another tool called redsn0w, which also can jailbreak iPhone 4.  A list of some of the popular jailbreak websites are as follows:

  • http://blackra1n.org
  • www.limera1n.cc/
  • www.superunlockiphone.com
  • http://ineedjailbreak.com/
  • www.jailbreakiphone4s.com
  • www.JailbreakMe.com

Blackra1n is an effective and simple tool to jailbreak iPhone 4. It is a firmware that comes with tutorial and step-by-step easy to follow instructions which lets you jailbreak your iPhone 4. Another firmware that allows you to jailbreak iPhone 4 is limera1n.