iPhone 5 Tips And Tricks That Makes Your Work Easier

There are plentiful of communication pieces that continue to surprise you time after time, but none gets closer to the new iPhone 5. There are too few iPhone 5 tips and tricks that will surprise you to know that how effective and efficient this new technology can be.

iPhone 5 users must admit that this gadget is one thing to have. It comes with lot of latest amenities and fun experience for its users. The iPhone 5 tips and tricks are:

Set Your Location: By entering your work and home locations, Siri reminds you with the pending task on your way back home or to the office.

iPhone 5 takes easy dictation: Rather than typing an email, you just need to tap the microphone icon on and start talking. Press done and your words will appear as text. You can use this technique to take note, email, tweet etc.

Tell Siri & Get You’re Work Done: This is smartest of all, get your relationships introduce to Siri like Eric is my dad, so when you say text my dad it straight away takes you to the page to text the message.

Refresh Your Inbox: You do not specifically have to go the page to refresh your inbox, it just requires you to drag the screen down and your inbox is automatically refreshed.

Customize Keyboard: Very few know that you can create your own personal dictionary that includes short cut for your each word. Your dictionary brilliantly auto corrects them. For e.g. your short cut phrase says OMW, this mean the dictionary will automatically corrects it to On My Way.

Take Quick Pictures: the gadget has the camera icon near your lock screen, this makes easy for you to swipe open your camera and click picture without wasting a minute.

Do Not Distrurb: Through settings, you can avoid dealing with all the incoming messages, and calls by switching on the “do not disturb” icon. You can select specific group of people to interact as it gives you list of preferences to choose from.

iPhone 5 Lost? Can Locate It: This is the best part, as your dear device is expensive surely losing it would be too hard on you. Now the gadget helps you to locate it by just going to the Settings and turning on iCloud icon on the find my phone feature.

This iPhone release is much awaited as it offers most awesome features at much affordable price. Like these, there are much more iPhone 5 tips and tricks here that makes your day to day task easier. Just check them out.