IPhone 5 Cases –To Keep Your IPhone 5 Safe

The newest of iPhone in the market is the iPhone 5; it has many new features and is a very good smart phone. If you have bought or tend to buy a iPhone 5 it is quite expensive, and would definitely want to protect your iPhone 5 with a good case as it would also protect your investment. There are varieties of protective iPhone 5 which cases are available in the market for you. It only depends on your choice, how you want your iPhone 5 to look and want to use it. These cases not only protect your beloved iPhone 5 but also ads an extra spice to the looks of your iPhone 5.

There are different types of cases and protective covers for the screen of your iPhone 5. Few different types of protective cases that are available are:


Vivid Glow-in-the-dark iPhone 5 Skins-these cases have the retro look, and the best part of these skins is that they glow in the dark. The glow in the dark cases makes your iPhone 5 look more cool, these skins are so designed that they can be easily be adjusted with your iPhone 5 .these are made up of photo luminescent material which makes it glow for about 8 hours, and takes few minutes to recharge itself.


Animal parade and KaZoo iPhone 5 Cases-if you are an animal lover then you would surely love these adorable KaZoo iPhone 5 Cases. There are Elephants, Tiger Cubs, Baby Monkeys and Koala Bears. These cases are made up of durable soft silicone; it has specific gaps for the ports and button according to iPhone 5.


Stitch iPhone 5 Case- you still remember stitch? It was one of the most adorable of Disney character; I guess it’s more adorable for his little eras, eyes, feet and its blue coat. Now you have him always around you as a case of your Stitch iPhone 5 Case. It is a 3d case and your little stitch iPhone 5 Case also has moveable ears. This case is made up of silicone and is adjustable.


Wild print Leather cases of iPhone 5 –show your wilder side with the animal print leather cases. These are just prints and no animal is hurt in the process of making these. These are made PU leather on the outer side and the inner side the have a hard plastic shell. The PU leather is a kind of synthetic leather. These cases are light in which and are quite unique to look at. You would find black and silver snakeskin, crocodile print, zebra print and leopard print. Just choose cases matching your wilder instincts.


SGP iPhone 5 Glas.t Premium Tempered Screen Protector-the last but not the least of protection for your iPhone5 is this product. Mostly the screen protectors are made up of plastic but the SGP iPhone 5 Glas.t Premium Tempered Screen Protector is a bit different it is made up of real glass that is tempered for the protection of the screen. It gives awesome protection against knocks, scratches and impacts your iPhone 5 might go through. With this product you also won’t have the problem of an air bubble getting trapped. The glass used for the protection sheet is bolstered with an oleophobic coating which prevents grease and fingerprints to form on the screen.