InGaAs Camera: Types And Their Features

In the last few years, vast improvement has occurred in the camera technology. InGaAs Camera is a result of this technical advancement. The word InGaAs means a group of 3 chemical compounds which are Indium, Gallium and Arsenic. These cameras are specialized in SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) imaging. SWIR band can operate from the near IR region’s edge at 900 nm up to 1700 nm. Indium Gallium Arsenic sensors can image inside this waveband, for a broad range of applications. It is true that in this wavebands, solar cells can be made to radiate by allowing the in-line inspection of their inner structure at the time of manufacture.

Here Are Few Different Types Of InGaAs Cameras And Their Description:

NIR300 (NIR-SWIR Camera)

It is a high-performance German-created camera that provides superb quality of images within the spectral region of NIR-SWIR, whose waveband is 900 nm to 1700 nm. NIR300 is a superb high quality camera and is ideal for various applications like scientific image analysis and machine vision inspection. This camera is also a scientific grade camera. It is also very useful in military applications because of its capability to see through haze and fog. The pixel size of this camera is 30 X 30 µm.

NIR600 (NIR-SWIR Camera)

This InGaAs Camera is also a German-engineered high performance camera that provides high quality images in the NIR-SWIR spectral Region. This camera provides maximum performance and high image quality in shortwave infrared and near-infrared spectral regions with 640 X 512 image resolution. If you want “NIR Perfection” image with this camera then you have to select a high quality InGaAs sensor, a proprietary digital output module and 14 bit digital electronics. The pixel size of this camera is 25 X 25 µm.

SWIR HR Camera

This camera contains a high performance InGaAs detector. This InGaAs camera provides very low noise, crisp and also clear picture quality for capturing image within the range 900 nm to 1700 nm. The main advantage of this camera is that it provides low readout noise and you can have both digital and analog output. Pixel size of this superb and high class camera is 25 µm.

Extended Range SWIR Camera

This camera gives an external range of spectral which allows high quality imaging from 900 nm to 2200 nm. You can have both analog and GigE output from this camera. It contains deep cooled and hermetically sealed InGaAs sensors that provides excellent high quality imaging performance. The pixel size of this camera is 30 µm.


This camera is specifically designed for scientific applications and OEM applications. The range of this camera is 700 nm to 1700 nm or 900 nm to 1700 nm. This compact and shortwave infrared camera provides high quality and excellent imaging experience. The pixel size of this camera is 25 µm.

All these models of camera provide high quality imaging experience. InGaAs Camera acts like a home video camera but allows you to see those objects that are invisible to human eyes. These cameras are used in various applications like missile tracking, free space telecommunications, hyper spectral imaging, industrial process monitoring and laser beam profiling.