Importance of Website designer for building mobile websites

Websites earlier used to be a URL which takes you to a page, with information on it. Information with images, and text! Then it evolved to Web Pages with multiple links on them, which further lead you to other pages. Off late it was web pages with videos embedded in them, without requiring a separate player to watch the video.

Today, the Web technologies have evolved to a stage where one can scale down their application onto a palmtop or even a device as small as a mobile. In a recent ad from a leading manufacturer of mobile devices, it was highlighted that you can ‘Carry the world in your pocket’ and rightly so!

This is enabled through technologies like HTML5 and Java Script engines! Their ability to scale down graphics without compromising on the resolution is commendable. And yet, even if you are aware of these technologies, it may not necessarily imply you can manage to build your own mobile website. Though this is possible, it may not give you the desirable outcome. Hiring a Website designer would be a better choice! The reasons being multi-fold, a website designer would be the professional who is:

  1. Aware of the latest web technologies.
  2. Aware of the general customer expectation. (May need a tweak into the specificities of your business type and market segment)
  3. Designing websites day in and out, he will be aware of what sells!
  4. Will do all of this in a much lesser time than what it would take you to do it on your own. Considering the time to market factor, this would be a wise choice.

So, let your company workforce do what they do best – working on your products. Hire a Website designer to get your website flashing on all mobile devices!

This article is written by David who writes for evergreencomputing, a complete web design firm and a company that delivers you quality results for your online business.