How to Rip Video from DVD

Have you ever found an old favourite movie – probably a childhood one somewhere in your home? You decide to have a look at it again, only to discover it can’t play in your disc drive. It can really be frustrating.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be an old DVD disc to behave that way, scratches on the surface of a new disc can also make it refuse to play in the drive; and even when it does, you won’t enjoy whatever it is you are watching.

Since DVD disc surfaces seem to be delicate and susceptible to cracks, add to the fact that they are not even supported by the vast majority of portable devices, it makes a whole lot of sense to rip their contents.

This means that it is very necessary to rip your movies as backup to the original DVD just in case something happens to the surface of the DVD. You don’t want to come back to watch a movie, only to realize that it can’t play; or it does but keep breaking in its sounds and picture quality.

Also, you may also want to play that favourite movie on your portable device, so that you have access to it on the fly. This will make your content more available to you and in hand – whether it is on your iPods, iPhones etc.

When you want to rip videos from DVD, you can decide which file format to convert it to, like converting DVD to mp4 depending on the device you intend taking the ripped content to. So you can basically decide to use any of FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV file formats. Again, it simply depends on the file format you decide to use for your portable device.

The Aimersoft disc ripper comes handy when you want to rip the content from your DVD. With theDVD Ripper Mac you can easily extract video files from the DVD, so they can be played on portable mobile devices.

There is no limitation in the file formats of the videos for the DVD ripper. It can professionally rip video from DVD for your devices, while also keeping the quality of the original video. The video quality is never tampered with – notwithstanding the file format of your choice.

The Aimersoft DVD ripper does not just provide with ripping, you can also create unique personalization on the ripped video, using its powerful inbuilt video editor. You can achieve a variety of effects, ranging from adding watermarks, trimming of the videos, cropping too. This will give the video content the look you want it in your device.

There are no compatibility hassles with the DVD ripper. The latest Windows 8, 7 and Vista are all supported fully. For Mac users, the Aimersoft Mac DVD ripper also comes with same rich features.

Your experience with ripping DVD also does not count, because anyone with minimum knowledge in ripping can achieve it. The Aimersoft DVD ripper is really great for your use.