How RedSnOw can Help Jailbreak?

Many people have this misconception, that evasion can break Jailbreak. However in reality, evasion can’t jailbreak 6.1.3 but redsn0w can.

Here are a few steps that can be used to do he same:

Step 1: The first step is to download the latest RedsnOw version from the net. There are various websites that offer this service and hence, it is advisable that you look around and download the most authentic version for the same.

Step 2: Once the RedsnOw has been downloaded ensure that the Windows version installed on your computer or laptop is actually compatible with it. You can do so , by right clicking the utility button to ensure that the RedsnOw version has been granted rights to be compatible with the computer.

Step3: Run the version and while running opt for Extras and Select IPSW. There will be a pop up greeting you , ensure that you opt for the correct RedsnOw at ios version. Once the version is selected, ensure that you return to the main menu.

Step 4: Select the button for Jailbreak. Once it starts to run, ensure that you opt for Install Cydia that leads you to the default screen. Once the version runs, it will advise you to switch off your system and opt for the DFU mode. It is advisable that this step is followed.

Step 5: Now, you can update your device firmware by simply logging on the devices to the system. Ensure that all the device updates are done.

Step6: Once the version has been installed correctly, you will have to ensure that your system is shut down and rebooted to ensure that the system runs completely.

Now , that we know that evasion can’t jailbreak 6.1.3 but redsn0w can, it is important to ensure that the version of redsnOw we opt for is actually genuine.