Here Comes the Bride: Maine Firm Awarded Grant for Wedding Florist App

Here comes the bride: Freeport Metrics Inc. The company has recently received a TechStart grant from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). This grant will go a long way to helping it develop a web and mobile application targeted to folks working in the wedding and floral industry.

The software is supposed to revolutionize the way that wedding floral designers communicate and interact with clients. This kind of application doesn’t really exist in the industry right now, but Freeport Metrics hopes its new app will be greeted with enthusiasm.

Freeport Metrics Inc.

Maine Internet providers who host floral companies might be concerned about any web-based app that sucks up bandwidth, but this is where Freeport Metrics shines. It was founded by two senior IT software architects with roots in Accenture and Sapient. Their software tends to be lean and efficient  while still focusing on the end-user experience.

Freeport Metrics consists of a team of technology consultants, software developers, and business intelligence specialists. Their offices are located in Portland, Maine, and Warsaw Poland. Their specialty is innovative custom applications for the web as well as mobile devices. They also build programs for kiosks and even dabble in hardware design.

Unlike many programming and design companies, Freeport Metrics works with small businesses as well as large companies and even governments. Some of their past successes include MenuRadar and Rubbi – a business intelligence software application that helps business owners sort out and make sense of complex data.

Emily Carter Floral Designs

The software will be built with the help of Emily Carter Floral Designs, a professional florist specializing in wedding flowers. Emily started her career in floral design in 1997, trained by Pamela Hardcastle in the Massachusetts Berkshires. Early on, she received extensive training in the organic qualities of floral elements within intricate designs. This set Emily up to become a truly innovative force in the industry.

The collaboration between the developers and Emily Carter will ultimately result in the development of a ground-breaking piece of software that is both technologically advanced, simple to use, and fully capable of meeting th needs of professionals industry-wide.

The Grant

The money to get this project off the ground comes from a TechStart Grant. The grant is a new funding opportunity offered by the Maine Technology Institute to businesses and individuals as part of a Business Innovation Program. The grant is only available to those in Maine who are trying to develop new ideas and products.

Grants are offered up to 12 times per year with amounts reaching $5,000 per project. To get the grant, companies must have a clearly defined deliverable outcome and endpoint. The project must also be completed within 6 months.

For this project, the funds will be used to develop a formal business plan, recruit a board of advisors from within the floral, wedding, and software industries, and create an initial wireframe so that potential customers and developers can get an idea of what the software will do and how it will work.

Rob Gallagher is a retired Maine teacher obsessed with mobile technology. In his spare time, he likes to share what he learns with others on various blogs.