Having a Private Detective in Thailand


Private investigator is also abbreviated as PI and is called as private eye informally. Modern detectives prefer to be called as “professional investigators”.  A private detective is an individual who is hired by a person or a group of people in order to carry out investigatory law services. Private investigators/detectives are usually employed for legal representation in civil cases. A very few number of detectives work with cases of criminal defense. Some of them also work with insurance companies in order to find out the suspicious claims.

Earlier many detectives were hired in Thailand in order to set grounds for divorce. But after the advent of no-fault-divorce, detectives were only hired for crimes like domestic violence, dowry and other social evils. “Bad behavior” and adultery proofs are still one of the most lucrative activities undertaken by the detectives in the cases of alimony, child custody or inherited property disputes.

Several Private detectives which are employed in Thailand make investigation in the high-risk business ventures. A licensed investigator one can easily find out the risks involved in the investment. People nowadays are becoming more aware and are hiring private detectives in order to become more secured from any sorts of fraudulent schemes. Some of the detectives are also hired to find out the lost or kidnapped people. The specialized detectives are able to find out the evidences in the most secretive manner thereby spotting the person lost or kidnapped.

Many jurisdictions necessitate private investigators to be licensed by the licensing agency of the state in which they are located. This rule is applicable in a number of countries including Thailand. The companies which render investigations services should also be genuine license holders. Generally, licenses are managed and controlled by the police of the states, but in some states it is supervised by other government authorities. The detectives should be at least 25 years of age and should possess a good moral character in order to acquire authorization.

Private detectives also deal in large range of works that are not linked with industries. For instance PIs work in process serving, which is the private delivery of summons. They are also involved in handling official documents as well.

Finding out the lawbreaker debtors also add to the dynamism of the detectives. Many organizations specialize in specific fields of proficiencies. For instance few PI organizations deal in tracing criminals specifically. Some of them also specialize in anti-fraud work and protecting intellectual assets.

It is noteworthy that few PI agencies also function as expert witnesses. They monitor the situations in order to report the activities in the court. An undercover detective conducts investigation on the confirmed or suspected criminal thereby impersonating a third person who is absolutely disinterested. Undercover agents spy the suspected criminals very minutely. They do not let the criminals get any clue about their presence at all.

Some of the detectives also carry hidden recorders and cameras in order to gather ample evidences against the confirmed or suspected criminal. The tenure of their investigation can range from few months till few years. Due to the perilous character of the job, their original identities are kept clandestine throughout their careers.