Google Released Photo Editor Snapseed to Compete Instagram

Google has released an Android mobile application for photo editing – Snapseed – and made it free for iOS platform. It is already available in Google Play and Apple App Store. The application can be downloaded by the owners of both smartphones and tablets as it is adapted for different screens.

The developer of the application is the Snapseed Nik Software Company that was founded in 1995, with offices in Hamburg, Germany, and San Diego, USA. In 2005 a Japanese corporation Nikon, the second largest producer of photographic equipment, invested into the company. In September 2012 Nik Software was acquired by Google.
Until now, there has been only Snapseed app for iOS with $ 4.99 cost. Nik Software announced plans to release Android-version of the app in January 2012 at CES.

Snapseed enables simple processing of photos taken by a smartphone or a tablet. The application is in line with the Pixlr-o-matic, Instagram and other similar editors, which main function is the imposition of filters, effects and frames.

The application from Nik Software allows you to change the settings for each of the filters, achieving the desired effect. Parameters vary smoothly with gestures: vertical gesture lets you select a filter, which the user wants to change, while the horizontal movement changes the selected item.

In addition, a special function allows you to add a number of control points and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of certain areas of the image. That, for example, can make the sky bluer in the photo. All these give you more opportunities for image processing than in other applications.

The purchase of Nik Software is the response of Google to acquire of Instagram by the largest social network Facebook. Let’s recall that the deal was worth $ 1 billion.

However, remember that Instagram is not only a mobile application but also a separate social network that allows users to share images.

Although Snapseed is only an application, Google has already taken the first steps to integration of it with its own social network Google+. The option to upload photos to Google+ is in the first place in the image sharing menu. Even the full name of the new application is not just Snapseed, but Google+ Snapseed.

According to TechCrunch, the integration with Google+ is made quite a well: users can select a picture from the social network, download them to the device for editing in the application and upload back with comments. USers can select which of the circles can access the images. Google’s vice president Bradley Horowitz says that the application will be appreciated by the account holders in Google+, who are fond of photography.

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