Google Confirms SEO is Still Alive


When it comes to search engine marketing and the future of SEO Google has confirmed that search engine optimisation is just as important as ever. While it is easy to find articles and research that states that SEO is dead and that there is no longer a need to optimise your site, this is really not the case. When you look further into these articles you will more often than not find that they are written by webmasters whose websites have been hit by penalties from Google or by people who are trying to troll the true SEO professionals of the industry.

SEO is Getting More Complicated

One of the reasons that some people think that SEO is dead is because the actual formulas necessary for truly optimising a website are becoming more complicated and many webmasters are failing to change with the times.

In the past there were just a couple of different ranking factors to consider when trying to optimise your site. In most cases it was enough to simply have a bulk number of backlinks on your site and to have the right amount of anchor text within your content in order to rank at the top of the search engine pages. Today there are hundreds of different ranking factors to consider and it you will need to consider professional SEO services in order to rank on the first page of the search engines. The professionals like at singapore seo company will need to be dedicated to looking after your website providing both off site and on site perspectives. This means that many companies will need to have SEO professionals on staff if they want to continue to rank at the top for their particular niche. Even Google is not an exception since the company is looking to hire an expert SEO professional who will head Google’s SEO.

New Businesses Will Provide More SEO Opportunities

As more and more businesses are launching websites as well as social media pages, there are going to be even more search engine optimisation opportunities available for developers. These businesses are going to need SEO professionals to help create quality content and website design in order to compete within their industry. The competition in each industry is going to be more fierce, which means that internet marketing professionals are going to be more in demand. SEO services are going to be booming in the future as more and more companies jump on the bandwagon of hiring professionals to help them create websites that are truly optimised for all of the different ranking factors that are now being used.

While it is true that almost anyone can learn search engine optimisation basics, keeping up with the process can be quite daunting for business owners. Most business owners do not have the time to deal with additional needs for their website as they are trying to focus on the other aspects of their business. This means that the companies will need someone to look after the optimisation of their websites for them. This is an extremely important part of any type of online business.

In order to survive the intense competition of online marketing, companies are going to need to invest more in their online advertising and SEO operations. Most businesses are going to want to have a professional in charge of these advertising dollars instead of trying to do it themselves or having an amateur take over this important aspect of their business.

Google Did Not Kill SEO they Just Made it More Competitive

It is quite likely that you have heard at some point in your marketing or website development career that Google has killed SEO. However, this is really not the case. In fact, since first starting out, Google has not killed SEO at all, but rather just made the entire field a bit more competitive. In the past it was easy to put up some crappy content with a bunch of links and be ranked at the top of the page for whatever niche your business was in. Google has changed the face of SEO for the better as now we are provided with more relevant content for what we search for and this is not a bad thing. It just makes it more difficult for web developers as they try to figure out the algorithms that are being used.

Overall, there is strong evidence that shows that the SEO community is getting much stronger each and every day. In the past SEO consisted of more of a trial and error approach. The main reason for this is because at the time computer graduates and webmasters were only working as a part time SEO master. However, as time has passed SEO has turned more into a science and there are more specialized professionals working in this industry.

Search engine optimisation is not dead and it is not going away any time in the near future. However, the shape of search engine optimisation is going to keep changing over time as the search engines continue to change the algorithms that determine how different websites are ranked.