Helping You Gift to Your Friends in No Time

It’s your mom’s birthday coming up and you do not have time to head down to her place. It’s your fiancée’s birthday and you’re looking for the perfect gift. If you’re looking for an easyway to give products and services to your near and dear ones easily,

What is the project about?

With this project on Indiegogo, one can gift their family members and loved ones. no matter where they are. The creators of the project state that payments will be easy and you can even get notification dates to tell you when a birthday or special occasion of a loved one is approaching. This way, one can plan out their schedule easily. There will be free ACH transfers available and you can even refuse to accept a gift from another sender.

How does this help?

This way, the transactions happen directly between the two parties and vendors to now have to keep any track of the buyer and seller. The main services and products on offer will relate to the food and beverage niche but one can gift in different items including stadium and concert tickets. So, one can add in a Facebook friend to their Buddies list and send them a gift too.

The site promises to be a social gifting project that will help spread the love and warmth. All those who are interested in contributing can help fund the launch of the site, and the company promises to give them back cyber vouchers worth the amount they contributed for. Plus, contributors will also get cool stuff according to the contribution amount they made. For instance, if you made a contribution of around $50, you will receive 50 cyber vouchers when the company launches. Additionally, there will be other cool stuff up for grabs too.

The project is currently seeking a funding of around $250,000 through multiple campaigns. The campaigns are aimed at reaching the different campaign goals.

You can support this project and join them at: