Get Remote Management Solutions With RemoteToPC

If you’re for a perfect subscription based remote management resolution, then RemoteToPC Solution is your best support. It is a sturdy tool kit used for evaluating and handling remote computers. It allows you to deploy and configure RemoteToPC customers and networks. It offers you several reports for keeping record of software and hardware inventory on the host computers of Windows.

Whether you’re an IT support professional building a Mobile Office LAN or Home Network Access, whether you need to manage multiple networks or tackle small to mid-size companies, you can surely use this Logmein Central for all purpose. The software has a number of special features that no other remote access program provides:

  • Remote control- easy and quick support to any computer or Mac.
  • Efficient user management- keep the users together in groups, allow two factor authentication, control permission and enhanced computer access.
  • Computer grouping- assembles computers as per the location, permissions, functions or any other factor according to you.
  • Anti-virus management- safeguards and protects your Main computers with Kaspersky’s anti-malware.
  • Remote deployment- deploys LogMein hosting and installs packages on all the devices of your IT sector.
  • Health monitoring of the computer- a full view of every RemoteToPC host health to keep a check on the critical problems and significant updates.
  • There are a lot of companies like TeamViewer that render same remote access solutions, but they do not have remote monitoring and alerts.
  • Cost- another amazing feature of this LogMein Central is its price. It is highly cost effective. You can go for the annual package and secure some good money. It is very cost effective in comparison to the other LogMein Central solutions.

So, enjoy remote access, monitoring as well as alerts with one simple install. Monitor the health of your computer and render distant support from one page. Yes, you can get all your work done remotely at anytime from anywhere you have an access to the internet. It is a lite remote monitoring and management of servers and computers. You can always opt for free trial.

It is an affordable and simple to execute remote PC access. Enjoy services like Computer Grouping, access up to over 100 computers, File Transfer, Dual monitor assistance and more. Go for the free trial for any plan, Basic, Business, Enterprise 1, Enterprise 2 as well as Enterprise 3. It is of great use from personal as well as professional point of view.