Geeky tech Gadgets: Old and New


Tech gadgets are as inseparable a part of our life as bread and butter. These gadgets have made our lives so easy and simple that we can hardly think of our days and nights without these. There are thousands of gadget freaks around the world who wait for the updates on latest gadgets. Different people have fetish for different types of gadgets depending on their personality. While some people like nerd gadgets some are mad about geeky tech gadgets. Geeky tech gadgets are something which are gaining popularity in recent years. What is interesting about this trend is that the interest about these geeky tech gadgets aren’t being limited among computer freaks and tech lovers. Even the common man is taking great interest in the geeky tech gadgets.

One of the best examples will be the immense rise in popularity of the iPods. Such entertainment gadgets are in high demand these days as all of us love to see our favorite movies and enjoy our favorite music on these. One of the fun filled geeky tech gadgets is the MoGo. This has a kickstand that pos out and gives you a good pointing angle. What more, it also has a smooth movement across the screen. It picks up on any surface. This one is not just a mouse for your laptop; it is also a media controller as well as a PowerPoint device depending upon which version of the MoGo you are choosing.

Another of the geeky tech devices are a set of cool headphones. Though, the traditional white headphones provided with iPods are undoubtedly good, but the geek freaks vote for the noise canceling headphones of Bose. The black and white spiral design of the cord and the silver mesh design on the headphone give it a cool appearance and is another great geeky tech gadget.

Besides computer gadgets there are several other geeky tech gadgets which have enjoyed great popularity through ages. Among these the first to be named is of course the Swiss army knife. This multi-functional knife is super versatile as it can single handedly perform 85 jobs! Even multifunctional flash lights classify under the geeky tech gadgets. These help you to focus on a point while working with both of your hands.

Another geek gadget for gadget freaks is surely the latest smartphones available in the market. With their entire set of mind blowing apps and their sleek appearances and multi-functionality, these smartphones rank high on geeky tech gadgets list.

There are several other geek gadgets which include inexpensive gizmos like laser trip wires or motion-based gizmos. The geeks who are in love with these kind of tech gadgets are people who like to know if someone is approaching their rooms and like to put wires around their rooms.

The sanctuary charging haven is another of the geek gadgets that deserves a special mention. This tray not only holds all your electronic goods but also charges them for you! This geeky tech gadget is compatible with almost 1500 electronic gadgets and has 12 built in connectors. These are several of the high tech geeky gadgets which are available in the market for anyone who is interested in geeky tech gadgets.