Enjoy the latest version of Goodbye aliens pocket edition in IOS devices

Majority of the games that got famous in android are known to get first released in IOS version. Goodbye aliens pocket edition game has now been released android and is enjoyed by millions of players across the world. Goodbye aliens pocket edition can be downloaded through iTunes for free.

The game transports the players to 2048 when the wicked alien have been seen to reach earth for devastating their routine lives. The aliens are conducting wars over the earth thereby leading to deaths and sorrows all over. They reached the planet earth through the wormhole.

The latest version of the game includes 1.4 versions that is duly supported by ipad as well. The players can full on control the game with the help of the control buttons that are located sideward of the game. The iTunes store of Apple lets you download the game for free.

The total size of the game of is 66MB which further expands after being installed. Goodbye alien’s pocket edition can be specifically played in English version only. It is fully compatible with IOS 5.1, iPod touch, ipad and other higher versions.  The game is specifically optimized for IOS 5.

Once you play the game, you are bound to rate it 5starer. Each and every stage of the game brings out a new level of enthusiasm. Everything that the game comprises is quite luring and interesting for the players. The best part of the game is that it can be played offline.

To check more about the game visit here at: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/goodbye-aliens/id939593910?mt=8