Do Chromebooks Work Well?

Well, if you’re looking forward to replace your sluggish laptop or depreciated Macbook with a low budget and faster device, Chromebook is exactly what you need. If you use your laptop for Facebook, emails and casual net surfing, then Chromebook is just fine for you. Because, this is why Chromebooks have been produced for! But, they aren’t a perfect fit for all.

Chromebooks are low weight laptops produced for people who spend a lot of their time online. It is run on Chrome Operating System and has been designed to replace conventional laptops. It is secure, fast and supports multi-users. Some of the basic pros of Chromebooks include:

  •          It has been priced effectively low in comparison to the standard laptops.
  •          Chromebooks have a lot of speed and can be put to power on and ready to use mode in just 8 seconds. It is because they feature SSD hard drives
  •          They have a great battery life ranging from 7 to 13 hours.
  •          With built-in malware and virus protection, you don’t have to worry about the security of your files in Chromebooks
  •          Other benefits include great synchronization, 100GB of Google Drive Storage, automatic updates, low weight and Android app functionality.

Where it doesn’t fit the league is:

  •         If you are an avid Microsoft Office use, then Chromebook isn’t for you. It lacks MS support.
  •         It offers a 32GB on-board storage and apart from it, you have to store your data in the cloud
  •       You do not have any optical drive
  •    You can only print your documents with Google Cloud Print

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