Different Ways to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone

Anyone who has bought a new iPhone goes through the initial phase of finding the perfect way of moving the music files to their new phone. Now if they have a Mac then this how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone or how to get music from Mac to iPhone becomes quite easy as we have an application on iTunes pre-installed on the Mac (basically it supports all Apple devices) using which transferring data, music, files, videos becomes very easy.

Transferring music from Mac to iPhone with iTunes

It is important to know that if the iTunes that is present on your Mac has multiple accounts then one would need to authorize the same so that they can sync their iPhone with the Mac and get on with the transfer without any obstacles.

Below this process on how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone or how to get music from Mac to iPhone has been described below in a step by step manner;

  1. Connect the device to the Mac and sync it with the iTunes library that is already present on your computer. In case of multiple devices being authorized, select the Mac as the device for transferring of music (in this case).
  2. Once the above is done the songs, files will start getting transferred to your iPhone from the Mac.

Transferring music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes

Here it is also important to note that this way only those songs and music will be transferred to your iPhone that have been purchased from the iTunes store. Anything that has been copied from a third or external source cannot be transferred via the iTunes.

For transferring these music files the process has been explained below in an easy manner;

  1. You need to download a program known as iPhone music transfer program, which is easily available on the internet for the Mac.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the Mac and then open the software that is downloaded.
  3. Select the files by choosing the “add files to iPhone” or by choosing the option “add folder to iPhone”.
  4. Now you can select the “import” button to import the selected files or folder from the Mac to the IPhone.
  5. Once the import is done, unplug the iPhone from the Mac and you are good to go.


Thus it is quite clear from the above processes that one really doesn’t need to have iTunes if they want to transfer music or copy music files from their Mac to the iPhone. Today we have software available that can do the same with ease and perfection. Following the above step by step guide will ensure that the job is done with perfection and also provides with you with more than one ways to transfer music files from your Mac to the iPhone.

Following the above steps is not just easy, but also downloading the software will not be a problem as they are easily available for free downloads on the internet, and one can download the “iPhone music transfer” software for both Mac and Windows PC.