Demolition: Restructuring The Old One

Demolition refers to the restructuring of the old buildings, houses and monuments. It’s not an easy task to build new building by reconstructing the old one in the same place. The word demolition can be clearly stated opposite to the word construction. A lot of technique, planning and safety measures are being carried out before demolishing any structure. The major aspect before demolishing any structure that has to be carried out is budget planning, area and the size of the structure where it is being done without harming the surroundings.

There are different kinds of method for demolition:

  • Explosive demolition: It is being carried out for small houses and buildings.In this procedure, the building or houses crumbles down within a minute into a heap. It is the fastest method for demolishing houses or buildings.Excavators, bulldozer or cranes are used for this process.
  • Non-explosive demolition: It is being carried out for skyscrapers and bridges .It is mainly done with the help of a wrecking ball. It is used to break down the difficult areas of the bridges or skyscrapers to the safety place where it can be imploded. It is an easy, inexpensive method to knock down the bridges or skyscrapers. The main disadvantage of this method is the lack of control of the wrecking ball.
  • Selective demolition: It is related with renovation or reconstructing the full blown structures into a new one. It needs complete research of architecture, precision level, appropriate planning. It refers to recycling of materials while raising a new building. Its main purpose is to minimize the cost by reusing the previous materials. Now-a-days, selective demolition is being more popular within the contractors and the builders.

Now-a-days, contractors perform a thorough check as to which demolition process is to be carried out efficiently at a cost effective manner.