Crime Scene Cleanup 101

According to research studies, about thirty percent of all violent crimes are committed inside or not too far from a victim’s home. There are also thousands of violent crimes that take place in offices and factories every year. If you have had the misfortune of having a crime taking place on your property, you are required to notify the authorities at once so that the law enforcement officers can begin their investigations immediately. However, once the police and crime scene experts are done with their investigations, you will realize that you have only solved one problem and remained with an even bigger one. This is where the crime scene clean up team comes into play; they must do their work to help in restoring the scene into its former state.

Once a crime has taken place, the first thing you are going to remember is that the longer it takes before the scene is investigated, the greater the risk that contamination could actually occur. In order to avoid any further complications and your own health as well as other occupants of the building, you need to call up the responsible people fast:

Inform the police: You need to call the police as soon as you realize that there has been some criminal activity; you may also want to request for an ambulance if there are still any persons who have been injured.

Cooperate with the Investigators: It is important that you answer all the investigators’ questions as fully and as truthfully as you can; this will help them have a clear picture of what could have taken place. If the person responsible is still at large, the information you provide cold help with the capture of the criminal.

Hire a crime scene clean up team: You can be sure that once the authorities are done with their work, they will leave your home in the mess the found it in; this is where you will now require the service of crime scene clean up team.

Potential contaminants: Whatever the nature of the crime that will have been committed in your property whether it is a murder or an assault, you can be sure that there will be a number of contaminants that will remain. First and foremost, the investigating team uses different kinds of chemicals and materials to do their work including fingerprint dust and other powders; your crime scene clean up team will remove all forensic residue that was left around. Most importantly, there will be body fluids such as blood, urine and other bodily fluids that can be found in a scene of the crime. Since these fluids pose significant health risks, sour safety can only be guaranteed if the entire process is left for a professional crime scene clean up team.