Communication Issues and Therapies for Couples

Communication issues are often a factor in relationship matters. A couple may know the areas of concern in their relationship, but they may not address these challenges because of poor interaction. Some couples talk very rarely about their day to day regime and regard themselves as good communicators while they may be neglecting the major issues of discussion which have a major impact on their relationship. Couples who consider their communication issues and work to enhance their communication may find it easy in resolving their conflicts.

Some of the issues which make communication a problem between couples include emotional or mental issues from their childhood relations, previous ex-relationships or any part of the life affected by relationships as they lead to emotional distress which makes it tough for them to communicate or talk to a partner. Proper communication between couples is considered important for a healthy relationship and if communication problems happen in a relationship, then parterapi kommunikation can help them in addressing the issue and looking for resorts.

Any person who wants to enhance their daily communication skill will find these tips helpful:

  1. Listen to your partner first
  2. Avoid condescending tone and language
  3. Avoid speaking for anyone else
  4. Express yourself with “I” statements
  5. Say your thoughts and emotions concisely
  6. Be relaxed before trying to speak
  7. Make an emotional connection with your partner before trying to communicate

Therapy for couple communication issues

There are several therapeutic options present for couples experiencing problems.  Depending on your individual relationship condition, you may need professional support of counselor for couple counseling, family therapy etc. For instance, intimate couples who want to communicate efficiently in their relationship may select to discover Imago Relationship Therapist. Once you discuss your case with your therapist, they are likely to suggest therapies according to your relationship situation.

Expert therapists can help couples by examining their communication skills to know whether their communication style sufficiently conveys their thoughts, feelings, objectives and purpose. In therapy, the couple will get to know the places where they find themselves getting engaged in misunderstandings and hence get time to explore what causes them to misinterpret the perspectives of their partners and inappropriately convey their own ideas. Therapy can further help in the enhancement of interpersonal and intergroup abilities by helping you improve your nature, type and frequency of communications you make. Some treatment strategies which can help you in addressing the communication issues are:

  • Active listening
  • Good lines of communication
  • Questionable stereotypes
  • Respectful interaction
  • Mediated communication

Steps for couple therapy communication:

  • While going for a couple therapy, first and foremost, you should explore the challenges you face and then look out for the options to solve your communication problems in the relationship.
  • Your therapist will help you learn new strategies to make communication with your partner simpler so that you both can easily understand each other and get understood by your spouse.
  • Gradually, new habits will come in and replace the bad ones and resolve your couple communication issues.