BioSys 3011 – End of World- An Ultimate Gaming Pleasures

BioSys 3011 – End of World is the new brand action game from Fingerfunstudios Ltd. The game topic is about the war against the artificial virus and energy resources – an underwater fantasy world game that is really cool in every level.

For any game enthusiastic this is quiet an alluring and addictive game that becomes thrilling at each level. If you are a keen game player on your Smartphone/tablet this one is the ideal to download.  The game has got excellent visuals, lively backdrop, amazing characters that feels surreal and most importantly the game isn’t complex to understand. For any genre this one is pretty user-friendly with its easy navigational features.

The app game has an intellectual story of year 3011 where the World War V has just finished. The energy resource company named “BioSys” has the new energy source at its side which is been pulled out from the Earth’s interiors that becomes the sole energy provider to the world.

But soon the BioSys learns that the extracted energy from the Earth will weaken it and will lead to the planet destruction, but this didn’t make the company stop pulling out the source. Moreover, it also designs an artificial virus called “M5” which turns humans into the monsters.

“Alexia” is the lead character who is an underground researcher who found that people are in real danger and that is when she starts her mission to save the planet from the BioSys and the dangerous virus.

BioSys 3011 – End of World is really an exciting game with brilliant features that provides a real feeling of the war and combating with the enemies. The game app is free to download from the Appstore as well as from the web. The instructions are easy to understand and very much in sync when you actually experience playing it.