BIOS Password and its Recovery

Day by day as our life is becoming more complex, we have to place a password in most of the devices we use. And with such huge number of different password it becomes too difficult for us to remember all of them. Thus you may forget the BIOS password for your computer. This is a time when life becomes too difficult as you can not work a bit without your computer. Bios password is not a security password you give to your computer, you can not do away with it by simply formatting the disk. At this point it becomes necessary to Recover BIOS Password and to know the answers of few questions.

What is a BIOS Password? Why is it necessary?

A protection measure that is taken to restrain someone to make any changes or to power up a computer system in some of the sensitive areas of your computer is known as a BIOS Password. Few manufacturers usually lock this part of the computer so that the users can not change anything which might result in the potential damage of the computer. But if you are a technician who deals with computer hardware and knows or needs to make some necessary changes in the hardware of the machine then you would need to access the BIOS Password. You have to enter password to access the BIOS setup, if your password is true then only you can access it otherwise your access is denied.

Usually you can access the BIOS set up at the boot time simply by pressing a key such as DEL key for instance, this will allow you to visit your BIOS setup and make alterations as per necessity. But it there is a password, then no way you can enter this set up and the process to Recover BIOS Password can turn out to be difficult. Here MS-DOS comes to your rescue. You have to use the DEBUG command; here debug itself serves as a utility or debug.exe which is generally found in the Windows Command folder of your machine. These is a very important command and never try to play or use this command if not needed, because it might result in a situation where you are no more able to boot your computer. Executable files or binary files work with debug allowing you to alter the CPU register or contents of a file at the byte or binary level.

Some Steps to help you to Recover BIOS Password:

1. First you have to restart your computer.

2. Next, when you would get to see the C :> or C: WINDOWS> prompt then you have to type     DEBUG followed by the Enter button.

3. You would find a hyphen prompt (-) on your screen, this is because it is waiting for you to enter commands.

4. You have to enter the following commands, in sequential order




Here the letter o represents OUTPUT, where as the letter q stands for Quit.

5. Then you have to try to enter your BIOS.

6. You would find that the password prompt has disappeared and you would have full access to your BIOS setting.

7. Presently the BIOS would have a default setting, and then you can change the setting as per your requirement.