Best Reviewed Apps

When an app is released in the market for the first time, there are two things which can be done to increase its download. Either you can go promotional strategies outside the app market or you can promote the newly launched app within the iOS app market.

One of the best ways is through bestreviewapp. It helps you to get your apps promoted through honest app reviews which come from the iTunes app market. This not only helps you to increase your app rank but also create trust with the old as well as new users.

Bestreviewapp is a website which allows users to write a review only after they have used the app in person. The honest review of the users is truly their experience after they have used the app, its comparison with similar app, the pros and cons of the app and any suggestions from the reviewer’s side to the app developer. You can even win back some extra money besides the money you paid. All you need to do is download the app you want from iTunes store and write a review on it in the next 24 hours after claiming it from bestreviewapp. You win back the extra money besides getting the paid apps for free. You can easily withdraw your cash through PayPal.

The site is quite an innovative idea in itself. Apart from these incentives, it provides the users genuine description of the apps. The slogan of the site says “I’m reviewer! I want money”. The best way is to get paid by reviewing apps. Another amazing part of this site is that it’s just not renders fake or bias reviews. It provides you with honest to the point reviews. It freezes the accounts of those reviewers who manipulate their reviews.

It is necessary for a developer to promote his apps online to give it a better exposure. If the app lacks reviews as its backup, people won’t get motivated to buy or download it. Hence, Bestreviewapp proves to be the best means for app promotion. Once the developers receive a lot of feedbacks and reviews regarding his app, then he is satisfied with everything. A sufficient amount of review for an app helps in its exponential growth. Thus, this site provides you up to date review for every small, big app.

It offers you a great chance to make money by reviewing the apps you have used. It reimburses the money of the app for which you have paid. The site is a great help for all those users who are new with the use of any kind of app. Once the users are satisfied with the review of the app, then only they can purchase it. Thus, Bestreviewapp is a platform which connects app developers and app users in a healthy environment. It does not guarantee only positive review of an app but surely guarantees that people will download the app and leave true feedbacks. The reviews are genuine and from real app users. It provides the adequate amount of marketing skills to compliment the amazing apps which the developer has developed.