Be Aware of the Spyware and Spammers on Internet

Getting a laptop or system is a big issue at some stages of life, but preserving it from virus attacks and keeping it safe throughout is the lifetime issue. As long as the internet and browsing are there definitely there is going to be issues of virus, spam and illegal hacking. In the olden times when the use of computer was new, only a simple antivirus was enough to tackle the problems. But as technology grows intelligence also grew of the people. Funwebproduct spyware is also one such improvement.

Number of spammers, hackers has also increased a lot. Spammers job Is not only to spam you account. They are not actually going to do anything with your account. Most of the spammers take control of the system exactly the permissions and allow unwanted applications, software and ads to be opened and installed in your system without your permission. They have become so smart that you cannot even spot out from where exactly the problem started.

Doing this way they earn a lot of money from the advertisers because their ads or products are used by many people. They may sell your details to the third parties and earn money. The only way the spammers can make money is through bulk mailing. By this 1 in 100 would click to see what it is and gets trapped. Then bulk of ads starts getting installed in the user’s system.

Now for each click the spammer would get money. So at least a spammer would send bulk mails to about more than a lakh people at a time. So imagine how many people would get trapped each second. Sometimes the spammers get paid for each PC they infect. They may get up to 100 dollar for each infected PC. The easy way to do this is through funwebproducts spyware. As most of the system users are teenagers they easily get attracted by these products and give out all their details if asked during its download.