Basics of Divorce in St. Louis

If you’re looking forward to file for a St. Louis divorce, then you should know the fundamentals of the process. As the regulations could be quite complex, one should search for some good St. Louis divorce lawyers. The attorney advocate for you in the court room and explain you the legitimate options and provide you with the correct guidance all through the case.

Requirements for St. Louis Divorce

In order to get divorce in St. Louis, you need to meet certain criteria. One of which is residency. In order to divorce in St. Louis, one of the spouses should be a citizen of the state or an armed services member.

In addition to it, one must also file proper reason for the divorce. In this city, the reasons for divorce are simple. Either of the spouses can claim that their relation is irretrievably broken. The judge will eventually grant the divorce. In case of disagreement, one of the spouses can submit proof to the court and file for divorce. The major reasons which prove that the marriage is broken are:

  • Incompatibility
  • Intentional separation for over a year
  • Unintentional separation for at least 2 years
  • Desertion for 6 months
  • Adultery

In order to commence the divorce procedure, you along with St. Louis Divorce lawyers will need to file a petition for marriage dissolution, requesting for a divorce. Once you’re done with the paperwork of the court, the other partner is provided with a petition copy and provided a chance to reply.