An Overview of Wrongful Death Cases

If your loved one dies as a result of the carelessness of negligence of a third party, you should contact a wrongful death attorney in San Diego so they can help you to file a lawsuit; the purpose of this lawsuit is to look for compensation in regards to the losses incurred by you and other survivors of the deceased person. Some of the things that you can claim will include lost wages, lost companionship or funeral expenses.

Should your loved one die as a result of the negligence of another entity or person, you could actually seek the services of a wrongful death attorney. The purpose of such a lawsuit is to seek for compensation for the losses incurred by the deceased person’s survivors; this can include funeral expenses, lost companionship or even lost wages. Since this is a sort of new concept, it is in order to try and understand what exactly is involved.

Understanding a wrongful death claim: According to the law, you can file a wrongful death suit when someone dies as the result of the legal fault of another entity or person. This is a new concept that is becoming universal where a claim can be made because of different kinds of accidents such as medical malpractices, automotive accidents or in cases where a governmental agency is at fault for acting in negligence on different situations. Because of the large number of issues involved, only a wrongful death attorney San Diego can help you to clearly understand the concept.

The right to file suit: Wrongful death attorneys will file suit on behalf of survivors who may have suffered one form of damage or another because of the death of the victim; they are referred to as the real parties in interest. Even though there may be a few differences in different states, the common agreement seems to be that the real interested parties will almost always be immediate family members such as children and spouses and where the person is unmarried their parents can be include. Apart from these obvious ones, the others will include all financial dependents including putative spouses as well as some distant family members such as grandparents, brothers and sisters who are allowed to file wrongful death lawsuits in several states.

Who can be sued? There are different persons, agencies, employers or employees that can be sued for wrongful death. If a person died as a result of an automotive accident; such as cases where the road was faulty or the driver was drunk, some of the defendants could include the person driving the car or their employer, the person who designed the road as well as the contractor or the government agency that should have provided adequate warning about the hazard that caused the accident.