An In-depth Study of the New Operating System Called Android

The all new Android system has revolutionized the mobile phone market. Today the biggest competition lies between the Apple smartphones and the phones that are powered by Android operating system.

Many smartphone developers have moved on with Android and are now working with the Google’s green technology. Thus you need to consider this point when you plan to sell you used smartphone. Its time you should spend time in thinking whether you should stick to the old smartphone or invest in Apple iPhone?

But before taking a final decision between smartphone and iPhone, read below to understand all about the different features of Android. This will help you in understanding the device in a better ways.

Understanding the Android Technology

Android is a new operating system which is used in mobile phones. This system is developed by Google. The versions are innovatively named, such as Ice Cream Sandwich. The entire system is based on Linux. Today it is facing competition with iOS in the mobile phone market.

Features of Android

  1. It is an open source OS. The term means that different companies can create mobile phones by using Android technology.
  2. Some of the major users are HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Team Samsung has grabbed the touch phone market by applying Android technology.
  3. It also supports apps that are developed by others. These can be quickly downloaded from the store and used.
  4. It supports many Google games and you can even play music after downloading from Google.
  5. You will also get customized app for Android phones. Such as in South America or in Asian countries you get some apps like eBooks, videos and etc.

All about the New Android 4.0

  1. This version is faster than earlier ones. The graphic transitions are extremely smooth. You can easily shift from one page to the other. Just touch and switch.
  2. It is simple, stylish and helps in getting notifications when you missed a call.
  3. You can click images and then swipe photos just at the touch of your finger.
  4. Get smarter keypad to type messages if and needed.
  5. Google access got better with the new Android 4.0. its fast, swift and smooth.

Advantages of Choosing IPhone over Android

The main advantage as an iPhone user you can enjoy is that you can download music from anyplace if you have an iTunes account activated. You can simply buy any item from any place. This point will help you in deciding whether you wish to purchase a smartphone or an iPhone.  Decide accordingly.

Function of Android OS

Numerous phones, devices and tablets are now running on this technology.

  1. This technology supports quick internet browsing. You can even work on more than one task at a time.
  2. It quickly connects with net and help you share videos, pictures and music in the social sites.
  3. User friendly
  4. You can use all common Google apps on your Android powered phones.

Thus Android is coming up with stylish and “smart” device every day. Though, Android offers better features and service, till some wish to choose iPhone simply because it is a product from Apple. But if you wish to sell your used smartphone it time you go for it the time is just right for such decision. Discover all about it and you will feel disappointed.

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