Algorithmic trading for accelerated yields on investments

AlgoRates, founded in the year 2003, as a unit of Algo Capital in U.K. is one of the pioneers to build up sophisticated algorithmic trading for some major investment banks and also hedge funds. Right from then, contemporarily deploying the robots technique, the super intelligent software, under the constant supervision of the professional experts, it has assisted their brokers to trade in the capital, commodities and foreign exchange markets. It has commonised the technique as user-friendly to be used by all investors particularly in the small to medium segments, who earlier were denied the opportunity of creating wealth for themselves. After familiarizing with the various investment processes, you will reap larger gains, than the present level of earning.

AlgoRates process is simple and involves, on the basis of certain pre-entered data, pre-determined strategy and on-line analysis of real time data, prediction of the market trends by using the algorithms and other technologies and distributes the investment in various funds.

The average annual return, as per the audited financial statements, recently achieved by applying the techniques was in the range of 23% consistently (as high as 300% in the portfolios of some clients), standing as a testimony to the implementation of the algorithmic trading; Also, another testimony relates to the prediction of decline in gold rates. Though reliable to that extent, the company, however, strikes a note of caution for the attention of the investors about the highly volatile markets and the associated high degree risk and also the risks inherent in the computer and internet based systems and advising them not to invest the money, which they cannot afford losing.

The correctness in conclusions by AlgoRates have induced some analysts to go to the extent of thinking that the robots will act superior and outsource the human to trade in stocks, commodities and international commodities; but the fact is that it requires some human intervention by analysis, interpretation and supervision.