A Power Cord Having Multiple Utilities

Most of the appliances that we use in our homes or cars run on 120V -240V power supply. The power cord connecting this electrical equipment should be a 12v power cable. The power cables that are available can be run on different power supplies like, 2a, 5a, 10a, LED, etc. The power cords should be of high quality so that the equipment can function properly.

Types of 12v power cables:

The different types of 12v power cables that are available for your daily use can be of the following types on the basis of their function:

  • Power cables for AC supply:

These 12v power cables can supply alternating current (AC) of 1a, 1.5a, 5a, 10a, 30a, etc. They can be used for different types of gadgets like your TV, refrigerator, etc.

  • Power cables for DC supply:

These are the power cables which can be used with your laptops or any other equipment of US make which run on direct current supply.

  • Power cables for your car:

These are highly useful 12v power cables, which can be used on the go. You can use these cables to charge your mobiles in the car. They can be used for lighting your cigarette while driving, and even to play your favorite music in the car.

  • Power cables for LED:

Nowadays we are mostly using LEDs at our homes. These power cables can be used with your LED equipment also.

So, you needn’t worry about the type of equipment, or their make, as these 12v power cables are ready to be used with any of your electrical gadgets.

Advantages of 12v power cables:

The advanced features of these cables which make them a perfect companion of your favorite gadgets are as discussed below:

  • These adapters can be used for different types of power supplies (AC/DC).
  • These 12v power cables can be used in different amperes of electricity like, 1a, 1.5a, 2a, 5a, 10a, 15a, 25a, etc. So these are all-rounder, which will never let you down, whenever you want to use them and for whatever purpose.
  • They come in different lengths like from 110cm to 2.1 x 5.5mm long. This gives a range of versatility to their usage.
  • The other important character of this cable is that they can work on different watts. They can run at maximum 1500 watts and supply power continuously for 750 watts.
  • They have a modified sine wave which gives it a very high efficiency, thereby reducing power loss.
  • They have been specially made to be voltage fluctuation resistant, as well as can withstand temperature fluctuations.
  • These 12v power cables also give you peace of mind, as they are short circuit proof, and can withstand even overloading.

Advantages of shopping online

You must be thinking, where to get these 12v power cables from, as you do not have time to go to shops, checking their products. So, don’t worry and relax! These are available online for your preview, and then if you are satisfied, you can order them online. The advantages of online shopping are as follows:

  • As these products are of such a high quality, you will get a warranty of 1 year.
  • They are even offering replacement or return warranty.
  • Your orders will get dispatch within 24 hours of placing an order.
  • All the goods are CE marked.