A Journey of a Teenage in The Development of A Mobile Application Company

Since he was a young toddler, his parents used to tell him that he had an affinity for technological and computerized devices. Little did he know, that his idea of fun as a kid would one day transform into a full-blown career. He stumbled upon an old Java Programming Book in his dad’s library home. Since then, he has developed an intense passion for learning code, in particular, mobile application development.

More importantly, the internet is packed full of knowledge and tutorials that are packed with ideas for me to transform my mobile developing skills. In fact, he completed multiple programs on Ios programming, android programming along with windows mobile programming. Since he want to start a business venture that specializes in mobile application development, he has been learning some basic concepts and frameworks of entrepreneurship. He is in the process of engendering a business plan that entails all the items and costs required for an optimally functioning company.

According to his famous speech at the graduation ceremony in Stanford, the Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs mentioned, that until you find what you love doing, never settle for anything else. This famous speech is his primary source of inspiration for starting this Mobile development company. He must say, while it may have its challenges and risks, it is a most eye-opening experience, and he loves every single minute of his new job.

He is also taking extra classes on business and management skills to make a more efficient decision maker when it comes to running the company. The focus of his business is to provide superior quality mobile applications for my clients and at affordable prices. Unlike traditional services who prioritize profits making over anything else, his company will emphasize on the passion for our mobile application development work along with complete customer satisfaction for our work. He is in the process of procuring a central office where all our operations will be based.