5 Things That Can Happen to Social Media in 2013

1. Monetization will be continued by Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media of this era. Now, Facebook is a family of 1 billion people. Mark Zuckerberg has become a billionaire from the profit of Facebook. It is understandably expected that Facebook will be continuing their monetization. Few bumps have shaken the site sometimes; some of those did have some bad influence on Facebook. Still Facebook will never be subdued like some other social media websites. We can expect Facebook to maintain its zenith among the social media websites because of its effective services and tools.

2. Content Marketing’s Significance will be enhanced

In the year 2012, we have seen the power of content marketing. Realizing the significance of content marketing, businesses and individual people are now taking it more seriously. So, we can easily predict that content marketing will be used more effectively in 2013. Many businesses have used this marketing strategy already and realized the influence. We will see many new companies from different parts of the world willing to take online guards and use the social network as a major business tool

3. More Aggression will be shown by Google

Google+ is failing to gain the same level of popularity which is gained by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But it will be a stupid thing to consider this social site of Google as a dead and buried one. For competing with other famous social sites, Google is upgrading the features and developing the systems. We can expect Google to begin their quest for dominating the social networks in 2013. Google+ is still new in the world of social networks. They will gradually improve their services and challenge the sites which are already popular.

4. E-commerce will be More Famous

The industries who keeping themselves out of E-commerce, are falling behind the industries that are following E-commerce. As a result, they have understood the importance of E-commerce and trying to find their ways to bring their business in the web. The year 2013 will let many more companies to set the online presence.

5. Image Power will be even Greater

A person can hardly be found who does not like to upload pictures and share with others on social networks. Statistics show that, the rate of sharing images is five times greater than the rate of sharing textual posts. In 2013, this will increase. Because of this immense popularity, it can become a quite effective marketing strategy. We will see social network websites full of more images in 2013.

Apart from these predictions, some other notable things will happen in 2013. The development in the sector of mobile phones will continue in 2013. A lot more tablets and smartphones will be added.

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