3 Most Popular Chat Apps

Anyone that has grown up with the internet remembers that glory days of the internet chat. There used to be chat rooms set up where you can speak with people that share the same interests as you, and there were instant messengers in which you could speak with a person one on one from across the world. At the time, it seemed like one of the most revolutionary things ever. Of course, now, as technology has advanced so much, instant messaging has taken on a whole new form and the chat room has pretty much become non-existent- at least, not nearly as popular as it was during the early days of AOL and other internet providers.

But, still, in some way or another, the legend of the early internet chat room and instant messengers still lives on today. Twitter, Facebook and text messaging all have something to owe to the chat room and the early internet instant messenger. Still, today there are many mobile phone apps that feature many of the same things that chat room and instant messengers had. Today, they are usually called chat apps, or applications for those who are not down with the current internet lingo. Here is a short list of three of the best, and most popular, mobile chat apps on the market:

Most Popular Chat App #1. Meebo

Meebo is now the most popular internet chat app on the market. The reason for this is because it was one of the first apps that offer cross platform usage. As in, you could use Meebo whether you had a Yahoo! account, an America Online account or even a Facebook account. it does not matter what cell phone service you have, what kind of internet you use or what kind of operating system you use, you will still be able to use Meebo to chat with friends, colleagues and family at any time. Meebo also offers video and voice chat for those who like to do more than just send text back and forth. So, in closing, Meebo is the most popular internet and mobile chat app because all you need in order to use it is an active internet connection and a web browser.

Most Popular Chat App #2. Skype

Skype was really one of the first companies to truly market and capitalize on the possibilities of live video chat via internet connections across the world. When you watch movies that takes place in the future and everyone has a phone that has a video feed, Skype is pretty much what you are looking at. It is a rapidly growing business, and it is likely that more companies will jump on board as once as the market starts to gain some real traction.

Most Popular Chat App #3. AOL Instant Messenger

It is the granddaddy. What more can be said?

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