Understanding Your Life Path Number

The numerology states that human life revolves around numerical patterns. But, this discipline helps you know several other things. One of them is Life Path number. It unravels your deepest values and the challenges you will face in life. To know your Life Path number, just take your birthdate and lessen it to its numerical value. For instance, 05.07.1989 where 1989 is 27 further reduced to 9 and then 5+7+9 is 22 which get reduced to 4. If you are new to numerology, then you can visit https://www.numerologynamecalculator.com/life-path-number/ Read more [...]


Credit cards have made out lives easier than ever. With a swift swipe, you can buy almost anything anywhere, even if you do not have the required sum of money in your bank account. Now, you can also buy Bitcoin currency and invest in them with the help of your credit card. You can worry about financing it later, when the pay check comes, but you can buy them when the time is ripe, and it is most ludicrous to buy it. Benefits of Buying Bitcoin with Credit cards You must be wondering, what are Read more [...]